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Towbar Fitting Leicester - Mobile Towbar Fitters Near You

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Towbar Fitting Leicester - Mobile Towbar Fitters Near You

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Fixed Flange Towbar

Our towbar fitting in Leicester included one of the most popular types of towbar as its one of least expensive. Its a permanent towbar ideal for those that tow often.

Swan Neck Towbar


A swan neck consists of a ball and a neck that are all on-piece. One of the most popular types of towbar in Europe.

Detachable Towbar

detatchable towbar

A common towbar typically used for cars that have rear parking sensors. Most of the other types of towbar can interfere with a cars parking sensors.

Towbar Electrics

towbar electrics

7-pin, 13-pin and twin electrics are the common choices. Twin electrics are used for older trailers and caravans. We fit universal and vehicle specific electrics.

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Can I fit my own towbar?

You can fit a towbar yourself as long as you have the experience and knowledge to do so. Towing a caravan can be a dangerous task and is something that puts the lives of other people at risk.

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to fitting a towbar. It needs to be fitted properly with the correct expertise.

Our team of expert towbar fitters have performed this task thousands of time and also have all of the necessary testing and coding equipment to ensure the installation is successful and working properly before they leave you with your vehicle.

A towbar should be fitted by a qualified fitter or a garage mechanic to ensure a safe and secure fitting.

Can a towbar be fitted to any type of car?

When choosing a towbar, you'll need to select one specifically for the make and model of your car. If you have an Audi A4, then you will need a towbar specifically for this vehicle.

A towbar needs to be approved by each vehicle manufacturer.

Not all cars can have a towbar fitted. Some of the car's that cannot include sportscars, smartcars, high-performance cars and city cars.

If you're looking to fit a towbar for a specific purpose such as towing a caravan or fitting a rear cycle rack, check first that your car is suitable. The towing capacity of your car needs to be found out. This can be done by locating your car's VIN plate which can usually be found in your car's documentation or on the inside of one of the doors.

The information on the VIN plate will tell you the towing weight that is acceptable for your car.

How long does a towbar take to fit?

It is difficult to say exactly how long as there are many different variables involved. Every installation is different. With so many makes and models of cars, there is not definite answer.

From fitting towbars over many years and if pushed for an answer, we'd say to expect on average up to 4 hours. Some cars will take just a couple of hours, but 4 hours would be enough for the majority of fittings.

There are of course occasions where the fitting takes longer than 4 hours.

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